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Hi, I'm Tiffany.

I am a Product Designer helping businesses curate their user experience to drive satisfaction and fuel business growth.

I'm so happy you're here! A little about me...Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to work alongside a multitude of talented individuals who share my passion for advancing the movement to "humanize the design."

Whether I am working with a small local business or a global SAAS platform, my goal is always to create intuitive designs that not only help businesses succeed but also improve people's overall happiness.

When I'm not immersed in the design world, you can find me experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, getting lost in a good book, or taking a leisurely stroll on the beach with my children in tow.


Jen Davies, Product Design Manager

"Tiffany has continually championed for UX and best practices in her previous role, as well as her current role. She conducted user research to understand Protect and created and revised an MVP for Protect based on the research gathered. She has continued to help the processes in gathering user data including learning and implementing Google Analytics, and has obtained a master list of users that was previously non-existent or inaccessible."

Let's work together

I am actively pursuing an opportunity to contribute to the success of a high-performance team. I can work remotely or in the Southern California area.

  • User Research

  • Continuous Discovery

  • User Personas, Mental Models, Journey Mapping

  • Information Architecture

  • Flow/Interaction Design

  • Wireframing, Prototyping, MVPs

  • Design Systems

Use the form or email me directly to connect...

I'll be reaching out soon!

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