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Unleashing the Power of UX: Spearheading a Major Rewrite of 3E Protect's SAAS Platform



3E Protect is a comprehensive SAAS platform that empowers businesses to manage and ensure compliance with safety data sheets (SDS), labels, and regulatory requirements. The absence of previous designer involvement in the development of 3E Protect resulted in the accumulation of significant design debt, leading to usability issues, a lack of visual coherence, and barriers to user adoption. The primary problem was the need to redesign the product to address the technical debt that held us back from making progress with the design debt.

Services Provided: 

  • User Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Personas, Mental Models, User Journeys

  • Information Architecture

  • Flow/Interactive design

  • Wireframing/Prototyping 

User Research

First, I set clear goals for user research before diving into the process. Since it was the first user research conducted, I kept my goals broad- I wanted to understand their behavior, pain points, expectations, and desired improvements through internal and external stakeholder meetings, surveys, and usability testing.


Wanting to connect with users and not having a way to reach out, I took the initiative to create a user database from scratch since none existed initially. Leveraging SQL, we extracted data from 11,000 users across 12 product lines, fueling comprehensive user research efforts across the company. Through this, I was able to lead in-depth interviews, surveys, and usability testing with our customers.


Furthermore, by implementing Google Analytics, I gathered quantitative data to gain insights into user behavior, usage patterns, and areas for improvement, facilitating the enhancement of the overall user experience.

Key Insights:

  1. Our data needs to provide more value

  2. As a global product, we should be accessible to everyone

  3. The user journey must be streamlined and user-friendly

  4. Information architecture needs to be condensed and intuitively improved.

  5. Communication with the customer has to be improved

SDS Creator.png

Competitive Analysis

In analyzing the competitive landscape, it became evident that our main competitor, UL-Wercs, differentiated themselves by providing users with a high degree of flexibility in creating safety cards and labels. This key takeaway informed our design process, driving us to incorporate more customization options and empower users to tailor their safety cards and labels to their specific needs. By offering comparable flexibility while enhancing usability, we positioned 3E Protect as a formidable contender in the market.

User Personas, Mental Models, User Journeys

Using the key insights from my user research, I meticulously crafted user personas, Manager Mary and International Ivan.

"Though some SDSs are up to date, I still feel most comfortable going to the manufacturer to get the most recent SDS. I am starting to worry if 3E Protect is providing me the best information and I am concerned about what would happen in an emergency."- Manager Mary

"I am a part of a multi-lingual company. I need to have access to information in my team's language. In order to fulfill our legal requirement, it is necessary to have all regulations that correspond to our country. I don't want to dig through regulations and documents unrelated to us." -International Ivan

Manager Mary and International Ivan served as a foundation for developing accurate mental models, allowing me to align the platform's structure and functionality with Mary and Ivan's expectations and mental frameworks. Additionally, I mapped out detailed user journeys, identifying touchpoints and pain points throughout the user's interactions with 3E Protect, enabling me to optimize the user experience and streamline workflows.


Information Architecture

Given the complex information architecture resulting from multiple business acquisitions, I tackled the challenge of restructuring 3E Protect's interface to simplify the user experience. In the future, some functionality would be put into other products to condense the MVP.


While keeping the primary tasks of searching SDSs, creating labels, and safety cards at the forefront, I redesigned the sitemap to align with the new streamlined functionality. Since both Manager Mary and International Ivan were managing teams, I also reimagined a user-friendly dashboard, providing users with a centralized hub for easy access to their teams, industry news, and actions.

3E Protect Dashboard (1000 × 2000 px) (1000 × 1500 px).png

Flow/Interaction Design

In the flow/interaction design phase, I placed equal importance on addressing the needs of both Manager Mary and International Ivan within the revamped 3E Protect platform. For Manager Mary, I prioritized visibility in communication between her team within the dashboard, creating a seamless user experience for staying in touch and facilitating employee learning.


Simultaneously, for International Ivan, I prominently featured region-specific regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring easy access to the necessary information to meet regulatory obligations. By tailoring the flow and interaction design to the distinct requirements of both personas, I aimed to provide a comprehensive and user-centric experience that empowered users like Manager Mary and International Ivan to efficiently achieve their goals within the system.


Wireframing & Prototyping

During the wireframe/prototyping phase, I embraced an iterative approach, collaborating closely with users and stakeholders and integrating feedback throughout the design process. By leveraging low and mid-fidelity wireframes, I rapidly translated user requirements and personas into tangible visual representations. Through continuous consultation with stakeholders, I refined the wireframes and prototypes, ensuring that the user interface effectively addressed their needs. This agile approach facilitated efficient decision-making, accelerated the design process, and resulted in a user-centric and intuitive interface that met the diverse requirements of personas like Manager Mary and International Ivan. At last, we had a 3E Protect MVP fueled by impactful data-based decisions and catered to our users.

3E Protect Dashboard (1000 × 2000 px) (1000 × 1500 px).png
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