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Unleash the power of effortless collaboration - Empower suppliers with a seamless and rewarding experience on the revamped supplier workflow, streamlining ingredient data submission and inspiring suppliers to respond with ease.


As the sole designer on this project, I have been entrusted with the task of revamping the supplier response workflow for a newly acquired product, a prominent platform specializing in ingredient data management, regulatory compliance, and supply chain transparency. Recognizing the challenges associated with the existing workflow, I embarked on a mission to enhance the user experience and address the low response rates and inefficiencies that hindered collaboration. My primary focus has been on streamlining the process, making it more intuitive and motivating for suppliers to actively engage in data submission. By creating user-friendly interfaces, simplifying form completion, and implementing robust validation mechanisms, I have sought to transform the workflow into a seamless and rewarding experience for suppliers. This project holds immense significance as it directly impacts the efficiency of collaboration, bolsters compliance efforts, and empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions while advancing their sustainability goals.


Services Provided: 

  • User Personas

  • Information Architecture

  • Flow/Interactive design

  • Wireframing/Prototyping 

User Personas

Based on a comprehensive survey conducted, valuable insights were gathered from suppliers regarding their experiences with the supplier response workflow. Leveraging the survey responses and preliminary quantitative analytics, a user persona, Supplier Sarah, was created to encapsulate the common sentiments and challenges faced by suppliers. Supplier Sarah represents the collective voice of suppliers who participated in the survey. The survey data highlighted that many suppliers had limited knowledge about regulatory compliance before being introduced to the platform by their manufacturers. This lack of awareness often led to confusion and a need for collaboration with various stakeholders throughout the form-filling process. Suppliers expressed the overwhelming effort required to complete the form accurately and the tendency to prioritize high-profile customers due to the complexity involved. These insights allowed for a deep understanding of the pain points and motivations of suppliers, leading to the creation of the Supplier Sarah persona that captures the shared experiences and challenges faced by suppliers within the supplier response workflow.

"Navigating this product can be quite challenging for me as a Supplier Representative. Often introduced to the platform by my manufacturers, I find myself unaware of what is required to fill out the form. Collaborating with different stakeholders and seeking assistance repeatedly becomes essential. It's a time-consuming and overwhelming task that requires tremendous effort. To manage it effectively, I usually reserve it for high-profile customers. I truly understand the complexities involved and the need for support in this process." - Supplier Sarah

Supplier Sarah




Product Overview.png

Information Architecture

To address Supplier Sarah's needs and enhance her experience, I revamped the information architecture of the form within the main supplier response workflow. A key element I incorporated was a comprehensive navigation bar that displayed all the form steps within the process. Before, a multitude of forms lived inside step 3 of the form, hiding the bulk of the form from the user. This revamped navigation bar provided Supplier Sarah with clear visibility into the various forms she needed to fill out, allowing her to have a complete understanding of the workflow from the outset. By displaying the form steps prominently, Supplier Sarah gained a sense of progress and accomplishment as she moved through each step, keeping her motivated to complete the form. The navigation bar served as a valuable tool, guiding her through the process and ensuring she remained on track. This enhanced visibility and clear structure significantly improved Supplier Sarah's user experience, making the form filling process more seamless and rewarding for her.

Flow/Interaction Design

Designing the flow and interaction for Supplier Sarah's user persona within the revamped supplier response workflow involved addressing additional requirements to ensure a comprehensive solution. Alongside the goal of streamlining the process, I incorporated features that allowed for grouping materials and batch answering. This enabled Supplier Sarah to answer a single question for multiple similar materials, saving her time and effort. I also accounted for custom questionnaires crafted by manufacturers for suppliers, ensuring flexibility within the workflow. To accommodate these requirements, I carefully designed the flow to allow Supplier Sarah to easily navigate between material groups, answering questions efficiently. Clear instructions and intuitive interfaces were implemented to guide her through the custom questionnaires, making the entire process seamless and tailored to the specific needs of each manufacturer. By considering these additional requirements, I provided Supplier Sarah with an optimized workflow that maximized efficiency, facilitated batch answering and grouping of materials, and allowed for customized questionnaires, resulting in an enhanced user experience and improved collaboration.

BOM Data Page.png
Instructions Low Fidelity.png
Instructions_Iteration 2.png


Wireframing played a pivotal role in the design process of revamping the supplier response workflow on 3E Exchange. With a focus on low to mid-fidelity wireframes, I iteratively developed visual representations of the interface, collaborating closely with stakeholders, including marketing teams, to ensure alignment with the overarching goal of marketing the exchange as a "Digital Product Passport." Through multiple iterations and feedback loops, I refined the wireframes to achieve an optimal balance between functionality and visual clarity. By involving stakeholders throughout the wireframing stage, we were able to gather valuable insights, validate design decisions, and ensure that the wireframes effectively conveyed the key messaging and branding elements required for marketing the exchange as a powerful tool for product information management. This iterative wireframing process, coupled with stakeholder collaboration, allowed us to craft a user-centric and visually appealing interface that accurately represented the concept of a "Digital Product Passport", setting the stage for a successful user experience and effective marketing of the platform.

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